Can you make a (insert your idea here) cake?

Yes, I probably can. I've gotten a lot of requests for lots of different cake styles, shapes and characters and I've only ever said no once (sorry, I won't do cakes of real guns). I'll work with you on your idea and together we'll come up with a design that works for you and impresses the heck out of all your friends!  These cakes are not cheap, so yours better blow everyone away, including you.


How much will my cake cost?

For a general idea of pricing please refer to my pricing page, but understand that I can not quote you an exact price until we discuss the design/concept, style flavors and size of your cake. My sculpted 3D cakes are my most complex, labor intensive and time consuming offering, so they are the most expensive cakes I offer. But I also offer more simple, one-tier cakes with 2d/flat design elements which are more affordable. People often think a smaller cake will be less expensive, however, the size of the cake is only one factor in how cakes are priced. Even small cakes take hours to design, bake, fill, cover and decorate. In fact, oftentimes, smaller cakes can take as much if not more time consuming to decorate than larger ones because the smaller the decorations/details, the more difficult to perfect.


Do you deliver?

Unfortunately, as a one-woman operation, I do not currently have the resources to offer delivery. However, all my cakes are presented on a quality display cake board and are enclosed in a heavy-duty shipping box, making them easy to transport either on foot or by Uber/taxi. Most of my cake orders typically come from downtown NYC, but I take pick-up orders from all over the city (and even Long Island). If your event is in NYC, and my schedule allows, I may be able to deliver your cake to you for an additional fee. However, this is the rare exception, not the rule, and I make no promises about delivery.


Are all your cakes covered in fondant?


I strongly prefer to work with fondant as I feel it provides the most professional finish and offers the most design possibilities. I have had many people say they don't like the taste of fondant, but I've yet to find a single person who was not won over by the homemade marshmallow fondant I use on my cakes. All my cakes also have generous layers of buttercream icing or ganache between the cake layers, as well as around the outside of the cake, under the fondant. So, you could easily peel off or eat around the fondant, although I really don't think you will want to!


What flavors do you offer?

Pretty much any flavor you can think up, I can make. Generally my cakes are for kid's birthday parties so chocolate or vanilla cake, with dutch chocolate or vanilla bean buttercream icing, are my most popular flavors. But I do also offer other flavors like red velvet, caramel, cookies & cream and funfetti, plus fruit-based flavors like lemon, strawberry, banana, blueberry, raspberry, etc. I can also mix-in things like cookies, cookie dough and chocolate chips into any cake or icing flavors. If you have a favorite flavor in mind, just ask howerver please note that I DO NOT OFFER any nut or coconut flavors. We have food allergies in my family so I am an allergy-aware baker. I do not bake with any nuts or coconut and do my best to ensure all my ingredients are from nut-free facilities. No baker can make a 100% guarantee of being nut-free since we do not manufacture every ingredient we use, and food safety labeling is limited, but I make every possible effort to ensure my cakes are as safe as they can be for people with nut allergies.


Are your cakes safe for people with nut allergies?

I started making cakes because I had a hard time finding a bakery that took my son's nut allergies as seriously as they should. I found no commercial kitchens truly understood the risks of cross-contamination and how careful you have to be when you have a life-threatening food allergy. I do not use any nuts or nut extracts and read every ingredient label to ensure my cakes are nut-free and not processed in factories where nuts are present. All of my cake equipment (pans, spoons, spatulas, bowls, counters, etc.) are never in contact with nuts. I therefore make every effort to ensure my cakes are as safe as possible for people who are allergic to nuts. As all allergic people know, it's impossible to make a 100% guarantee since I don't manufacture each ingredient myself, but I can say that anything I bake I'm comfortable feeding my own son who is highly allergic to coconut, peanuts and tree nuts.


Do you make egg-free, gluten-free or vegan cakes?

I'm working on it, but have yet to find recipes that can stand up to the weight of fondant and the design details I use in my cake designs. If you have a recipe you'd like me to use, I'm happy to give it a test drive and do my best to work with you to ensure your dietary requirements are met. However, please note that I do NOT maintain a gluten-free or egg-free kitchen, so if your request is allergy-based, my cakes would NOT be safe for you.