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My Story
Hi, I'm Jenn, often affectionately referred to as "the cake lady." I am a self-taught cake artist living and working in downtown NYC. I have never been to pastry school nor have I ever worked in a professional bakery. Like many hobby bakers and artists, I learn everything I know from trial and error and what I can find on the internet. I quit my job in advertising over a decade ago when I had my son, and have been baking and decorating cakes out of my tiny home kitchen ever since. I have been featured on Disney+ and have worked behind the scenes on cake projects for both Amazon Prime and Roku.
I do it all, and I do it all by myself— from designing, baking, sculpting, and decorating, to specialty figure modeling and sugar work. I am constantly learning new skills to help make my client's outrageous cake dreams come true!
As a mom of a highly-allergic child, I am also committed to making cakes that are as safe as possible for people with nut allergies. I intimately understand the dangers of nut allergy cross-contamination, and make every possible effort to ensure my cakes can be safely enjoyed by those who often have very limited options when it comes to specialty deserts.​
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