How it all started
As a stay-at-home mom of a child with severe food allergies, I got my start purely out of necessity. The only way I could ensure my son would have truly nut-free (and delicious) birthday cakes each year, was to bake them myself! So that's what I did. And people really seemed to love them, and soon folks were asking for their own.

​Word of Mouth
After making several cakes for my son's friends, word started to spread throughout our neighborhood and before long I was taking orders from people all over NYC.  My first priority is being a mom, so it's not always possible to keep up with the demand, but whenever I can, I say yes to cake requests. So, if you heard about me from someone you know, or tasted one of my cakes at a party, please only tell one or two of your closest friends! Believe it or not I'm still trying to keep this unexpected part-time "jobby" (job/hobby) under the radar!

The Cakes
All my cakes are made fresh to order, with good old-fashioned ingredients like butter, sugar and eggs. I do it all myself, from designing and baking to assembling, icing and decorating. It's important to me that my cakes not only look amazing, but that they also taste fresh, moist and delicious AND be as safe as possible for people with nut allergies. As a mom of an allergic kid, I never bake with any nuts or coconut and make every effort to ensure every single ingredient I use is processed in a nut-free facility. 

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