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Hamilton cake featuring the full original Broadway cast, including small bust of Alex Lacamoire in the orchestra pit. I turned his figure around for this one shot so his face cold be seen. This little figure is currently being used by Alex as his Facebook avatar!


Cake for Hamilton featuring figures of the original Broadway cast and edible Tony award. Cake was to celebrate the show's 11 Tony wins in 2016 and featured a rotating stage at the top.


Overhead shot of the Hamilton cake

Andrew Chapelle backstage

Back side of the Hamilton cake features famous "back stage" personality and understudy to all the male characters in the show, Andrew Chappell (and his dog, Patti LuBone)

Hamilton Ensemble Tony

Close up of edible Tony award made in honor of the many amazing ensemble players from Hamiton (who could not fit on the Hamilton cake)!

Hamilton Cake Edible Figures

Hamilton Washington King Figures

Hamilton Cake Edible Figures
Hamilton Cake Edible Figures
Lin Manuel Miranda Tweet

Video of the Hamilton cake tweeted by Lin Manuel Miranda (star, writer/composer of Hamilton).

Dear Evan Hansen Opening Night

Cake made for the opening night party of Dear Evan Hansen, featuring figures the complete original Broadway cast.

Ben Platt Opening Night Party Press feature showing the Dear Evan Hansen cake with star, Ben Platt.

Leslie Odom, Jr. at Rainbow Room

Cake for Hamilton's Leslie Odom, Jr.'s solo show at the Rainbow Room. This was the first show in the supper club series 'Live! From the Rainbow Room' launched in 2016.

Jeanine Tesori at NY City Center

Cake for NY City Center dinner honoring Jeanine Tesori, NYCC music director and composer of the Tony award-winning musical Fun Home (among others).

Jeanine Tesori NY City Center

Close up of Jeanine Tesori figure atop the NY City Center cake created to honor her work as music director.

Taye Diggs as Hedwig

Cake for Taye Diggs' opening night as Hedwig, in Broadway's Hedwig & The Angry Inch.

Taye Diggs as Hedwig

Close up of the edible figure of Taye Diggs as Hedwig.

Taye Diggs as Hedwig Press

Taye Diggs with his opening night cake on

Taye Diggs as Hedwig Press

News clippings of Taye Diggs and his Hedwig cake.

Hedwig Edible Figure

Edible figure of John Cameron Mitchell in honor of his return as Hedwig in Hedwig & The Angry Inch on Broadway. He was later given a Special Tony in honor of his outstanding performance during the show's Broadway run.

John Cameron Mitchel at Julius Bar

Surprise birthday cake for Broadway and film star/director, John Cameron Mitchell. The cake was presented to him at the 100th anniversary of the monthly Mattachine party he DJs at Julius Bar. The bar was also celebrating finally having been granted landmark status by NYC for being the oldest gay bar in NYC.

John Cameron Mitchel Birthday

Actor, director, broadway star (and Mattachine Party DJ) John Cameron Mitchell with his surprise birthday cake at Julius Bar in 2016.

Fun Home with Emily and Syney

Joint birthday cake for Sydney Lucas and Emily Skeggs, original Broadway stars of the Tony award-winning musical, Fun Home.

Emily Skeggs Tweet

Emily Skeggs Tweet of her in costume with her edible alter-ego.

Sydney Lucas Tweet

Tweet by Sydney Lucas with what was left of her edible alter-ego.

Oscar Williams Tweet

A cake celebrating the final performance of Oscar Williams, star and member of the original Broadway cast of Fun Home.

InTransit Janet Rosen Bday

Birthday cake for In Transit producer Janet Rosen, featuring a figure of her among iconic elements of the show.

Les Miserables

Cake to celebrate the final performance of Les Miserable ensemble member (and Cosett understudy), Danielle Gordon.

Les Miserables

Close up of edible figure of Danielle Gordon from her Les Miserable cake.

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